Holiday Trio

Holiday Trio

Holiday Trio

This is literally everything you need for your upcoming holiday dinners. Our newest release, the 2019 Chenin Blanc Mendocino, kicks off the evening right. Both of the Cabernet Francs are a must have with any Thanksgiving meal. The flavors profiles were born to be paired up! We are offering this Holiday Trio to you at over 10% off!

Regular price: $142

1 x 2019 Chenin Blanc Mendocino (750mL)

1 x 2016 North Coast Cabernet Franc (750mL)

1 x 2016 Two-Fourteen Cabernet Franc Napa Valley (750mL)

With these three bottles, you'll have something for every palate and every dish! Be sure to download all our family Thanksgiving recipes and watch our SIP & Savour Thanksgiving feature episodes.

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