Red volcanic soils of Lake County.
Over the years, we have worked closely with half a dozen vineyards to insure that we have fine, ripe and balanced fruit. We have focused on vineyards located entirely in the North Coast appellation of California, with emphasis on Napa Valley, Alexander Valley and Lake County. When we began our exploration of Cabernet Franc, we set out with the goal to present a wine that was ‘true to type’, or in wine-speak, a wine that showed ‘typicity’ – boldly saying Cabernet Franc! Our exploration, in progress for nearly two decades, brings us to the rows of many vineyards in very diverse growing conditions. We have focused on vineyards to the north of us (north of Napa Valley that is) in the hills of Lake County.

We have found growers who are passionate about growing grapes for us that express the varietal typicity we seek for our Cabernet Franc. Expanding our search to Mendocino, we apply this same exacting criteria for varietal expression to our Chenin Blanc.