Right Bank
Lang & Reed 2004 ‘Right Bank®’ Red Wine – Napa Valley
Our exploration of Cabernet Franc has taken us full circle to an inspirational visit to the ancient town of St. Emilion, on the Fourth of July, nearly forty years ago. There, we were enthralled with the rich and inviting wines that are crafted in the region, where Cabernet Franc and Merlot play the lead roles and Cabernet Sauvignon a supporting one. Just a couple years later, we found ourselves living and working in the Napa Valley, at a time when vintners were just starting to come to an understanding of the synergy that these grapes brought forth when blended together.

Lang & Reed 2005 ‘Right Bank®’
Red Wine – Napa Valley
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“This is a big, elaborate wine, the kind that feels lush and important in the mouth, and it fills a vital niche in the Napa lineup. It’s extraordinarily rich, and it grows more interesting as it warms in the glass. Pricey, but unique and worth it for a special occasion.”
Wine Enthusiast Magazine, 10/2010

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