Hunting and Gathering
Seasonal ingredients are the way to go, no matter your level of expertise in the kitchen. “We’re extremely fortunate to live in an agricultural area with so many organic farmers bringing their produce to market all year long,” says Tracey. “Our local markets are inspirational and make cooking an adventure.” For the Skupny family, preparing meals has always been a group activity, too, and the tradition continues today when they gather for celebrations.

Both sons, J Reed and Jerzy Lang, have expanded their culinary adventures to include hunting and gathering! Reed is an avid fisherman and hunter, stocking his family larder from the wilds of northern California with turkey, venison, sturgeon and abalone. He and his wife, Megan, draw the line at home with their ‘pet’ chickens who enjoy a lazy life in the backyard.

Jerzy, an Anderson Valley heirloom apple farmer by trade, finds his passion producing apple juices and ciders, growing vegetables, and raising goats and sheep. Daughter, Alex, the youngest of the three, is active in Future Farmers of America in her high school and loved raising her school goat, Bull’s Eye. She is definitely following in her brothers’ footsteps!

The desire to know where your food comes from is deeply ingrained in the Skupny family. With such effort and love put into every meal, it’s no wonder that Lang & Reed wines are so food friendly. The words, ‘farm to fork’, form a literal definition of the many celebratory meals in the Skupny home.