Chenin Blanc
Lang & Reed 2013 Chenin Blanc – Mendocino
The 2014 Chenin Blanc - Napa Valley is the 1st vintage in Lang & Reed’s exploration of this wonderful grape from this appellation! A generation ago, the noble Chenin Blanc was the most widely planted white grape in the Napa Valley, almost double the acreage of Chardonnay. Today, there are a scant 14 acres, which are in high demand!  For Lang & Reed the inspiration remains the Loire Valley in France, where Chenin Blanc gained its fame. The source for this bottling comes from the Oak Knoll District in the Napa Valley. The vineyard, located just a stone’s throw from the Napa River, is in an area noted for its cool climate and well drained soils.

The crafting of this wine is the collaborative effort between winemakers John Skupny and son, Reed.  Reed has had his hand in making white wine on three continents, so he was close by to steer his father’s hand in the fermentation and barrel aging of this wine. Similar to our Cabernet Franc, our inspiration is the Loire Valley, where the wines of Vouvray and Mont Louis express classic complexity of the Chenin Blanc grape. Lang & Reed Chenin Blanc follows suit, displaying stone fruit and bees wax aromatics and a rich flavor that is dry, leaving a tender impression in the mouth that is very satisfying.


Lang & Reed 2014 Chenin Blanc
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Our Lang & Reed 2014 Chenin Blanc – Napa Valley has gentle scents of peach and honeycomb, the traditional varietal aromas, with a touch of bruised apple and pear. On the palate, the aromas are mirrored and given an even stronger presence with yellow apple and tart Meyer lemon underpinnings. The texture is tender, and the flavors broaden with a touch of saline minerality that leads into a lengthy finish with crisp acidity, adding to the wines refreshing character. It will blossom and gain in complexity with additional bottle time.

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