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The Dogs


If you’ve ever known the Skupnys outside of the wine industry, you would know that they love their menagerie. From a fat cat and skinny dogs to love birds, canaries and leopard geckos, their humble home is teaming with life and love. But what’s this dog about? When you read the label story, you’ll know that Jeanne Greco captured the essence of the Skupny household in the Lang & Reed label, and in the center of it are their dogs!

On the Lang & Reed label, the wonderful calligraphy icon of a dog represents the graceful and sleek Saluki, a sight hound breed of ancient Persia. From as early as 5000B.C. to the not so distant past, the Saluki has been the intelligent hunting companion of the Bedouins coursing across the desert often hunting in concert with falcons. Commonly referred to as gaze hounds, their keen eyes sight prey over a mile away. Salukis are natural athletes and run like the wind with the required agility that allows them to course with gazelle and jackrabbits. Here in the Napa Valley, the Skupny salukis have flushed out a vineyard jackrabbit or two.

There aren’t too many Salukis in California, so the dog show is probably the most likely place for a sighting. The Skupnys are quite familiar with showing and breeding having acquired their first ‘show dog’ for Jerzy’s 5th birthday. Her name was Jeep and she proved to be gentle, loyal and smart. Wonderful traits she passed on to her get. At home today are Wolfie and Tazi, both ever devoted, clever and kind.

Del Valle Dog Show October 2009



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