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In vineyards surrounding their St. Helena neighborhood, John and Tracey are pictured here with their boys, Jerzy Lang and Reed. In 1999 at the time of this photo, Jerzy was 13 and Reed was 16. The old and faithful Francly truck hails from a time when Lang & Reed and Cabernet Franc were just starting to find their way together. Well, we’ve all grown a bit since then (except for the truck), and life is good.
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Reed & Jerzy
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John and Tracey SkupneyFamily


John Skupny

“Our journeys carry us to all ends of the earth where we each call home, and wine becomes our common bond.”

Growing up in Kansas, Tracey couldn’t help but acquire the mid-western outlook on life that there really is ‘no place like home’. While she was growing up, home was Overland Park, Kansas and later Lawrence, Kansas where she graduated from Kansas University.

Soon after, home became Kansas City and wine emerged as an essential ingredient to daily life. There in the 70’s California wines were making their way into restaurants and wine shops, and as a young married couple, John and Tracey easily recognized that their curiosity-turned-passion for food and wine had set them on a journey that would take them to wine-growing regions around the world.

Wine study intensified and that common bond they shared led them to Napa Valley where the small town of St. Helena has been called home since 1984. Tracey’s dedication to “home” centered on raising two sons, Reed and Jerzy Lang, and as they grew older, the focus gently shifted toward the emerging Lang & Reed Wine Company.

Today, in partnership with her husband, Tracey oversees all the sales and administrative joys that come with being a wine producer. Lang & Reed Wine Company is a proud member of the Napa Valley Vintners where she serves as director on the NVV board.


John Skupny

John and the boysIn 1996, John and Tracey Skupny launched Lang & Reed Wine Company combining their more than thirty years of wine industry experience. Having worked in marketing for twenty-five of California’s finest wine producers, John began his direct work in the Napa Valley as the Marketing and Sales Director of Caymus Vineyards, 1984-1989. He later became Vice President of Clos Du Val Wine Company, 1989-1992, and then General Manager of the Niebaum-Coppola Estate Winery, 1992-1996. Since 1988, John has also been partner and consultant to Boulevard Brewing Company, a regional craft brewery located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Along with Lang & Reed Wine Company, he also operates a wine marketing consulting practice, Vineyard Avenue Marketing. In this capacity, John has worked with such clients as Pahlmeyer Winery and Cain Vineyards, as well as newer estate properties such as the Ristow Estate and Emilio’s Terrace Vineyards, all located in the Napa Valley.

     Skupny is a past President of the Napa Valley Vintners and Auction Napa Valley [1996], the Napa Valley Wine Library Association [2001/2002] and the Stags Leap District Winegrowers [1990/1991]. He is also past-founding Vice President of the Rutherford Dust Society [1993/1994]. He regularly lectures at the University of California Davis for both marketing and winemaking classes, and on occasion for the “Leadership Napa Valley” program. He has contributed a chapter in the book, “Successful Wine Marketing”, by Kirby Moulton and Jim Lapsley, published by Aspen Publishers, 2001, and recently was well covered in “The Far Side of Eden”, the infamous second installment of James Conaway’s history of the Napa Valley.

     Skupny and his wife, Tracey, live in St. Helena, in the heart of the Napa Valley. With the founding of Lang & Reed Wine Company, the Skupnys are dedicated to the continued preservation of the agricultural community and the production of distinctive Napa Valley wines.


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